Right of Cancellation for Distance Contracts, Return of Goods

(1)  In case that distance contracts are concluded, the Customer, within the meaning of Konsumentenschutzgesetz (KSchG), shall have the right of recall. Hereinafter, the customer means any individual performing a deed for a purpose that may be referred to neither production nor independent professional activities.

Right of Cancellation

You may retract your consent to the agreement without giving reasons within 7 days in written form (for example by letter, fax or e-mail) or, if the good or goods has been ceded to you within this timespan, by returning the good or goods. The timespan within which the agreement may thus be cancelled begins upon receipt of this notification in written form.
To meet the term of recall, the recall or item should be duly sent.

The recall shall be sent to the address:

Fa. www.select-interiormarket.com by SELECT Baubedarf und Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H


(2) Return of Goods

You have the right to return all goods (in the same number) within 14 days of the order receipt. However, returns and exchanges are not permitted and will be refused if the item has been used, worn, or altered from its original condition in any way (incl. the removal of tags). The goods must be returned to the export warehouse of SELECT Baubedarf und Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H. in Germany. We want you to acknowledge that by return of the products, we retain twenty percent of the products’ value, as we bear the storage and resale expenses. Goods that belong to the category "Art Gallery”, limited products, and customized products cannot be subject to return. We only make refunds for the returned special order products if your products have been resold (we put these products in the “In-stock” category, for reduced prices). All items for a price over five thousand EUR and more are considered “special order”).

If you have any problems with any services, we will address them within one year from the date of service.

Please Note: Purchases made by the product manufacturer, distributor, or any person acting on behalf of any of these entities will NOT be returned.

Our products are delivered with full insurance coverage. The customer agrees to take all liability for loss or damage during transporation, if there is a 'Signature Release' of any kind on file for the delivery address (i.e. Customer can send a paper by fax or e-mail stating that the goods that will be delivered by the carrier company can be left at the customer front door or by the post box. In such case, neither the online shop or the transport company have a responsibility for the goods loss or damage after it has been delivered to the front door or to any place specified by the customer) . Packages shipped outside EU may not be eligible for insurance coverage. All claims for damages during shipment must be initiated within 48 hours of the goods collection .

Return address: export warehouse address in Germany

   SELECT Exportlagerhaus

   Walter Sebert Internationale Speditions GmbH

   Breslauerstraße 47

   D-83395 Freilassing

After we have received your return, we will inform you of your credit amount by e-mail. The payment compensation depends on the respective credit card type. However, the return is usually made via two charges to a credit card.

If the recipient stated in the order confirmation is not the purchaser, the debited amount will always be refunded to the purchaser, the card or account holder. The refunding is made in the currency of the purchase. Possible loss due to exchange rate fluctuations will not be refunded.

If you have any questions, please send your e-mails to: office@select-interiormarket.com